Mobile Control at Your Fingertips

Enjoy the easy to use interface accessible through the Hydro Rain b-hyve controller and your smartphone, tablet or computer. The Hydro Rain smart controller automatically sets optimal watering levels for your lawn, garden and bushes.

Using the most advanced technology to access hyper-local weather data (using the smart watering feature) The Hydro Rain b-hyve pro calculates an optimal water schedule for your landscape because at set up and installiation of the smart controller we customize your timer to your property by inputting the type and quantity of sprinkler heads , how much sun a particular zone gets, what you are watering etc....

which means you’ll spend:

~Less money on your water bill,

     ~Less time tinkering with your watering systembetween seasons, and

~ No more watering when its raining.

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This Smart Timer quickly will pay for itself and helps you save water!

Rebates from your local Town or Water Companies may also be available?


Hydro Rain b-hyve Wifi Smart Controller up to 8 zones



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{}Wifi Smart Timers $ave Money !

Hydro Rain b-hyve Wifi Smart Controller up to 16 zones


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